Vero Voce’s cult hit ‘Seasonal Tags’ returns.


Even if it is disrupted for a year, a good custom always returns. WT Productions is putting that theory into practise as it prepares to produce the fourth chapter of their “Seasonal” plays at Vero Voce Theater in St. Charles. Debbi Dennison of Streamwood and Carl Zeitler of Glen Ellyn wrote, produced, and directed the show. 

“Seasonal Ties” was the first. “Seasonal Bows” came next. The theme for 2019 was “Seasonal Wraps,” according to a press statement. The company returns with “Seasonal Tags” after being shut down along with the rest of the theatre business in 2020.

WT Productions presents a new collection of six short plays that take a variety of approaches to Christmas and the winter holidays. Each play portrays a unique storey, with aspects from the first five coming together in the final act. “Seasonal Tags” combines light comedy, dark comedy, and drama to give this customary time of year a new spin. 

Mark Brewer (Mount Prospect), Gail Cannata (Naperville), Steve Delaney (St. Charles), Dennison, Kristen Duerdoth (Aurora), Betsey Manzoni (Joliet), Stephen Pickering (Fox River Grove), Debbie Roberts (Lockport), Kate Roberts (Lockport), Erick Sosa (River Grove), Julane Sullivan (Batavia), Zeitler, and Debbie.

Delaney is working on his third “Seasonal” show. He commented on the event, beginning with the first performance in 2017. 

Dennison and Zeitler each created two plays and collaborated on the other two, including the conclusion, which always incorporates story themes and characters from the preceding five pieces. Over the years, the finales have become fan favourites.

Duerdoth previously appeared in “Seasonal Bows” in 2018 and was delighted to return for this production. 

WT Productions’ characteristic “Seasonal” aesthetic brings together members of the “Seasonal Tags” Universe. For the first time, Cannata is a member of that organisation. 

People will like seeing “Seasonal Tags,” according to those involved in the production.

Duerdoth gushed about how much she enjoys the concerts this year, describing them as “really unique.” 

The weekends of December 3–5 and 10–12, “Seasonal Tags” will be performed at Vero Voce Theater, with 8 p.m. Friday and Saturday shows and 3 p.m. Sunday matinees. Adult tickets are $17, and seniors and students are $15.

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