Viewers have a complaint with Love Island’s first twist in the 2021 series.

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Love Island is coming out of the gates with a twist to tempt some of the Villa’s brand new connections.

On Monday night on ITV2, the islanders could figure out who was not simply their type on paper when the eight individuals had the presenter Laura Whitmore.

Everything was beautiful since the new couples played a game in which they sucked their toes and earlobes but could never get comfortable. They obtained a voice note for the guys before the couples could settle their sleeping conditions.

One other islander, Chloe Burrows, 25, had not yet come to the resort, and she had a tempting offer for the boys. 

“Chloe here,” she says in her voice note. I just got there, and I’m outside the Villa’s front.” I want to bring all of you on a date, but I’m going to let you guys decide who wants to come and join me. So I’m going to see you soon, hopefully.”

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The twist itself was a bit difficult, for the men had to decide if their coupling partners, which they had just spent their day with, we’re prepared to risk upset.

And to make it all the more uneasy, the men on the island have to determine who will go on a date. On Tuesday night, we will find out the lucky boy is going to join Chloe!

In her ITV promotion, she had earlier statements to tell her that she had dated a married man with children. Chloe was still at the heart of controversy before the Monday broadcast.

“I had no business. Last week, she said, “I think it’s been taken out of context. I met someone at work, and obviously, I truly felt like they were amazing. “

“Then I saw he’d been married fantastic children, and then I dumped him, ‘What the hell?’ So it hasn’t been an affair. But yes. That’s what it was.” Love Island continues on ITV2 and may be accessed by the ITV Hub catchment.

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