Virgin River season 2: All the Updates of Release and Cast


Virgin River is an American Romantic-Drama series based on the book “Virgin River” a novel by Robyn Carr. The series is produced by Reel World Management and was aired on Netflix on 6th December 2019. 

Around the same time, the series was renewed for the second season with 10 episodes. In a very short while, Virgin River Season 1 has accumulated a huge number of fans. And now fans are eagerly waiting for its 2nd season to see whether the main character Mel and Jack will find their love for life or not.

The story follows a Nurse Practitioner Melinda “Mel” Monroe who leaves Los Angeles and moves to a remote town name Virgin River in California. She thinks she can leave behind her past and make a fresh life for herself in a new home. But the small town was not what she has expected. It was not that simple to conquer your deepest fears. Now, Mel has to deal and cope up with her own as well as other people’s pain too.

 Trailer and releasing date: 

Luckily the shooting of the second season has already completed in December 2019. So, the series is only left with some editing and some minor alterations here and there. Things are going a bit slow now due to the pandemic situation around the world. But, as per the speculations, we will be able to see the second season as early as the year-end of 2020. 

Netflix is yet to reveal any official date for the same, hence you need to stay tuned with us and we will keep you posted as and when we have any updates on this.

Virgin River season 2: All the Updates of Release and Cast

The cast of seasons 2:

Season 1 cast will be carried forward for this season too, adding some new characters and deducting some of the old once based on upcoming twists and the plots in season 2.

Alexandra Breckenridge as Melinda “Mel” Monroe (nurse practitioner)

Martin Henderson as Jack Sheridan (restaurant-bar owner, former U.S. Marine)

Jenny Cooper as Joey Barnes (Mel’s older sister)

Lauren Hammersley as Charmaine Roberts (Jack’s friend with benefits)

Annette O’Toole as Hope McCrea (the Mayor of Virgin River)

Tim Matheson as Vernon “Doc” Mullins (MD, the local physician)

 The plot of season 2:

Season 1 was ended on a cliff-hanger. In the last episode, Preacher was investigating Paige. Hope told Mel about Charmaine’s pregnancy with Jack. Due to which she remembers her past and how her husband died. How she lost her baby and tried to commit suicide. In the end, she confronted Jack about it and told her sister that she will be returning to LA. 

Despite that Jacks tells her about his love for Mel.The season 2 will start from where the season 1 ends. It will highlight Mel’s and Jack’s romance story. How he will convince Mel’s to stay back in the Virgin River. 

That is all for now. We will be back soon with more insights. Meanwhile stay safe and stay tuned with us.


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