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Exciting news for the fans of Netflix’s one of the best romantic-dramas in this genre is here. The much awaited season-3 of Virgin River is back on the streamer. The new season is returning back with brand new 10 episodes and the release date of this season is 9th July, 2021. Six months back, just after three weeks when the second season of the series premiered on Netflix, the famous couple of the series announced that Netflix has picked up yet another season for it which is the third season.

The first season of the series was aired on December 6, 2019. The romantic-drama was a huge success as it was watched by many and with this when it was quite unbelievable to expect a second season soon, Netflix announced the renewal of the series with another season. Undeniably, the new episodes were watched with much love by the fans and soon after as mentioned above Netflix gave a thumbs-up for Season-3 of Virgin River.

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Those who don’t about the series, here is a quick review:

Virgin River is based on a series of books by Robyn Carr which is under the same name. The story of this American romance-drama follows Melinda “Mel” Monroe. Mel is a nurse practitioner from Northern California who has decided to start a new life, leaving behind her past. Mel moves to a place called Virgin River. She wants to work as a midwife and continue her career as a nurse. She believes that this town’s lifestyle will be a change for her and she will be able to escape whatever she has left behind. Melinda meets new people in the town namely Hope McCrea who is the Mayor of Virgin River, Vernon “Doc” Mullins who is the local physician and most importantly Jack Sheridan who is a bartender and Mel’s love interest.

Plot of the Season-3 of Virgin River:

Season-2 of the series was left on the cliffhangers as Jack is on the floor of the bar, bleeding from the gunshot wound. Calvin, who is a local drug dealer, is suspected for the crime which Jack makes an enemy in the second season. Meanwhile, another couple that is Hope and Doc has recently fallen in love again and we saw them agreeing on renewing their wedding vows but with all the rainbow and flowers there is a hint for dark clouds as Doc had some bad news about his health. Now, with Season-3 all these cliffhangers will come to an end and we might also catch up on Mel’s secretive past.

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