It’s been claimed that Virgin River’s fourth season is in full swing, with filming set to begin soon. Tim Matheson (Doc) said, “Netflix is very discreet about all of that [production updates] — I don’t want to say anything that would anger them.” “From what I’ve heard, it’s not too far away.”

Nevertheless, because the streamer hasn’t officially verified anything, we wouldn’t recommend breaking out the confetti cannons just yet. Previously renewed shows like The Society and I Am Not Okay With This were initially renewed before being cancelled, so no play is safe from Netflix’s wrath. According to the reports, a fourth season will premiere at the end of 2022.

A fourth season would mean that all of the main players would be back: Mel is Alexandra Breckenridge, Jack is Martin Henderson, John is Colin Lawrence, Charmaine is Lauren Hammersley, Doc is Tim Matheson, Hope is Annette O’Toole, Brady is Benjamin Hollingsworth, Brie is Zibby Allen, Lizzie is Sarah Dugdale, and Ricky is Grayson Gurnse.

Sadly, Lilly (Lynda Boyd) died of pancreatic cancer in season three. However, Boyd has indicated that there have been discussions about bringing her character back for season four.

Virgin River ended season three with several unanswered questions, which will continue to dominate the tale going ahead. Mel is expecting a child, although it may not be Jack’s child. It’s possible that her late husband Mark was the father. A spokesperson for Sue Tenney told TV Line: “You’ll find out after the fourth season.” 

Eventually, Jack got down on one knee and proposed to Mel, but the news of her pregnancy cut his proposal short. As of the conclusion, Hope is still hospitalised and has a fever, so she’s not out of the woods yet. Covid is to blame for the absence of O’Toole’s character in the third season.

The following episodes will likely feature Doc and Hope renewing their vows together. His arrest came as a result of authorities discovering the shotgun that was used to kill Jack in his car. It’s also worth noting that Calvin has Brady’s back and wants him to look the other way so that he can continue his cannabis business unencumbered.” This means they will go against Brady if Calvin’s vendors do not receive their money on time.”

According to an emotional interaction between Brie and Mel, the miscarriage Jack’s sister experienced resulted from a sexual assault when she was in Sacramento. Aside from leaving the town, she also told Mel she was preparing to depart, but will she stay for Brady?

There will be more difficulties ahead if Jack wants equal custody of his twin daughters and Charmaine’s new husband Todd does not want him engaged in their lives. Still, on the run, Paige wants to come clean. If she is sentenced to prison, her son Christopher will be placed in foster care or with her abusive ex-husband Wes, who appeared at the end of Season 3. On top of everything, John has accepted Jack’s offer of collaboration, and a 19-year-old from Seattle claims to be Doc’s grandson in the last moments.



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