Virgin River Season Two: A Story Of Melinda Is Back With New Storyline


A romantic drama transformed into a web series named Virgin River is based on the Novel works of Robyn Carr. This American web series is a work of Reel World Management production house and is developed by Sue Tenney with music given by Jeff Garber. With a successful season, one launched on December 6, 2019, and aired on Netflix the series has been agreed and conceptualized for a season two with ten episodes the same month.

The story is about a woman named Melinda “Mel” Monroe who decides to take up the job of midwife and nurse in the interior named California town of Virgin River. She had a painful past life and wanted to relieve herself from that pain. She saw an opportunity in this job to make a new beginning and start a fresh new life. Small town and the lifestyle were new for her and to her surprise, it was not that simple and easy as she thought. It would be a long road to travel for her and deal with her pain trying to get accustomed to this new place and make it a home. The second season should take off from where the first season ended and is expected to show her struggles with life and within herself.

Virgin River Season Two: A Story Of Melinda Is Back With New Storyline

The good part is that the second season was completed early this year and the production house had plans to launch the same by the middle of the year 2020. But looking at the current situation where the entire world is trying to deal with the pandemic coronavirus, there are possibilities that a new date can be decided for the premiere of season two.As far as the talented team of actors who had entertained us last year we expect to see them all. Buzz is that we also might get to see Ben Holuingswooth as Dan Brady.

 Apart from him, we will get to see Alexandra Breckenridge as Melinda “Mel” Monroe, Colin Lawrence as John Middleton, Jenny Cooper as Joey Barnes, Lauren Hammersley as Charmaine Roberts, Annette O’Toole as Hope McCrea and Tim Matheson as Veron Mullins. It would be a beautiful story to watch and most of us would be able to relate to the movie as romance touches our lives in some or the other way. That’s all as of now. 

Till we get to hear something more from the makers stay safe and keep watching Netflix.


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