Virtual Meeting Guide: How to Select a Virtual Speaker for a Successful Online Event

Virtual meeting

Nowadays, most corporate activities are carried out in the digital space. With more people working online, companies can only rely on video conferencing applications to conduct meetings, seminars, and other important gatherings. For special conferences, companies may need to hire highly qualified speakers to become hosts or give a talk regarding a specific topic or field.

A virtual meeting should be informative, interesting, and interactive. The success of any live online conference depends on the ability of a virtual speaker to capture the audience. Any company department or institution that plans to conduct an online presentation or workshop should consider several factors in selecting an effective speaker.

What to Look for In a Good Virtual Speaker

With virtual events on the rise, there is a greater demand for talented speakers to successfully host an online meeting. Organisers and event planners should consider the following characteristics of exceptional virtual speakers:

  • They are highly knowledgeable about the subject. The virtual speaker should be equipped with the right knowledge to give a relevant speech about the webinar’s topic. He or she must have the credentials to talk about a specific field of expertise as required by the company.
    • They coordinate well with the organisers. A good speaker should communicate with the event organisers to meet the specific goal of the event. They should make an effort to know their requirements and what they expect from the presentation. They should communicate their plan and gain the organiser’s approval before the event.
    • They have a well-prepared set-up and presentation material. Because the meeting will be online, a virtual speaker should arrange his or her own private space to accommodate the technological set-up. They ensure that their lighting, camera, and microphone are working well before the event. They also have a well-made presentation material that is easy to read and understand by the audience.
    • They have a backup plan in case of technical difficulties. Before the online meeting, they make sure that they have a plan in case of a power outage or bad internet connection. They are flexible enough to find a solution to get back to the event smoothly.
  • They present themselves in a professional manner. As speakers, they should not just be able to look presentable but also be able to talk to the attendees professionally throughout the session.
  • They can engage with the audience. A good speaker should not have a monologue during the event. They should ask questions and give the audience a chance to share their opinions and insights about the topic.
  • They know how to break the ice. When the virtual speaker is too serious and goes on a topic for too long, the audience might easily get bored and uninterested. To keep the people engaged, they should know when to divert the speech and make it more stimulating.

How To Find Virtual Speakers

Given the above characteristics of a virtual speaker, event managers can now reach out to suitable presenters for their online events. 

They can start by conducting polls to know the preference of the intended audience. Experts in the organisation can also recommend some people they have worked with in the past. To get a wide array of choices, they can search online to find the best virtual speakers to hire.


Virtual speakers can make or break a virtual presentation or meeting. Several factors should be considered when hiring a speaker for any online event.


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