Vision from Star Wars has looks that are creating a buzz in town.

Source: The New Yorker

“Star Wars” fan is a terrific time. With “The Mandalorian,” “Star Wars: The Bad Batch”, and soon “Book of Boba Fett,” the I.P. has taken over Disney+, including the High Republic’s multimedia project, and many new “Star Wars” films are now in production. Finally, there is something for individuals of different interests and inclinations out there, and Lucasfilm wants the saga to attract newcomers more than ever. To do it, it branches out into the previously unknown ground and takes the wonder of “Star Wars.”

Announced on the Disney Investor Day in Dec 2020, this animated series tells a self-contained episodic adventure in an enormous galaxy of the “Star Wars.” News on “Visions” has been relatively rare since that first announcement, but we have finally got a first peek at the next episode. It would be an understatement to suggest that “Star Wars” has thoughts.

Source: New Statesman

On 3 July 2021, Star Wars Youtube Channel has labelled a back-the-scenes feature for “Star Wars: Visions.” The 3-minute video focuses on the animators and directors, who work on their own stories and discuss what the exhibition intends to do. There is also apparently a list of episodes, such as ‘The Elder,’ ‘The Village Bride,’ ‘Tatooine Rhapsody,’ ‘Lop & Ochô,” ‘T0-b1’ and ‘The Ninth Jedi, ‘The Twins,’ ‘The Duel’ and ‘The Akakiri,’ with the premiere date of September 2021 of Disney+.

“My face has just a large smile, which will soon fade,” wrote Voidsaber in his delight about “Visions” far from being alone in his life. YouTube user Zazi borrowed the quote from George Lucas’s ‘Star Wars’ creator, “It’s poetry: it rhymes,” adding, “To me, Star Wars takes a plunge back into what it’s first inspired. The Japanese culture, not necessarily anime mind. My reverence!” “Star Wars Anime’s something I didn’t know I had needed until now,” UncertainDrag0n Studios chimed in.

The “Star Wars” fan audience seems excited about seeing “Visions” when the conversation moves from YouTube to Twitter. “Well, it seems unbelievable; I’m only that excitable for star war visions,” tweeted @herahsokas and posted @ABYudiputra, “OK, Star Wars Visions look quite great too. Star Wars anime Studio Trigger & Production anthology I.G.??? I am in!!!” 

“As I can’t say that a diehard S.W. fan looks unbelievable, and the ingenuity behind it is wonderful,” @BITEPISCES tweeted, confirming how enormously attractive “vies” really is. I am probably the only media of star wars I’m incredibly thrilled about. All in all, “Star Wars: visions” is more than worth your time when you’re a diehard “Star Wars,” an anime binger, appreciative of an eye-pleasing animation, and whatever combination of the three.

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