Wait… did Kendall kick Kylie?! What happened in Thursday’s episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians?


Keeping Us With The Kardashians is always known for its drama and the high profile catfights. And both of those things seemed to happen last Thursday. And guess who was involved in the fight? The Jenner sisters!

Though the exact footage of the two fightings was not shown, we did hear the audio and it seemed petty ugly. Though the fight was left to the viewers’ imagination, the sisters recounted the incidents. 

Kendall Jenner said that Kylie was the first one to punch her which led Kendall to do the same to Kylie. The infuriated little sister removed her heels and shoved it in Kendall’s neck which led Kendall to kick Kylie off.

The whole brawl started when the dress Kendall talked about borrowing from Kourtney, was allegedly “stolen” by Kylie.

It started with a simple argument but soon escalated into a vicious fight with words after which Kendall said that she’ll “never speak to again.” with Kylie. As night fell, the above-mentioned fight took place.

Later the siblings assured that their feud is over and they do not want to promote such behavior at all.

Do you have such fights with your siblings? Share your opinions!


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