Wait…  Do Jaden and Willow think their father is not cool?!


We all know and love Will Smith for the many amazing roles he played in The Bad Boys for Life, Men in Black, etc. He is such a pop culture icon and many teenagers, even today, are dying to just meet him once in their life because they think he’s so cool. But not his children!

Will Smith admitted in an interview with The Breakfast Club radio in January 2020 that his “kids don’t know I am hot!” He went on to point out how both his children are professional musicians who collaborate with various artists. 

For example, Jaden collaborated with his friend Justin Bieber in his newest album CTV3: Cool Tape Vol. 3, and Willow made his newest music with Tyler Cole (who also happens to be her boyfriend). So technically, Will’s children seem ready to collaborate with anyone but their father!

Jaden and Willow don’t like being famous

And it turns out, Jaden doesn’t even consider his father as his role model! In an interview with High Snobiety, he said that Kid Cudi and Tycho were his biggest inspirations and his father has been more of a guide to him. He also assured that getting the kind of stardom his father has got has never been his goal.

Willow seems to be on the same page too. When her single “Whip My Hair” became a hit she admitted that the new influx of attention made her uncomfortable and she went on to make the music she liked as if nothing had happened.

You can listen to the song here-

But whatever decision the young artists have made should be respected no matter who their parents are. Growing up with so much scrutiny from the media must’ve been hard enough and the best we can do is not bring up their parents when listening to their songs.

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