Walt Disney World is Not Increasing Dining Capacity Yet


The renowned theme park, Walt Disney World has been open for a few months. Even though, they have been maintaining all the health and safety protocols, there have been several problems owing to the global pandemic that the world has been grappling with since the beginning of the year.

The theme park has restaurants which are running with capacity less than the usual, which has seriously affected their business growth.

An earlier news had claimed that, Disney World was increasing its dining capacity, but that has been labelled as false, as Disney World released an official statement claiming that they have not increased the dining capacity.

The number of guests visiting the theme park has been lessened by a significant number, owing to the pandemic situation, which has created disadvantages and setbacks in almost all the sectors. With limited guests, it might nit be a wise move to invest in an increased capacity dining space. The world is hoping that the situation might improve soon and Disney World will once again be back in business.


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