Wanda Vision: Olsen Says Show Has Comic-Accurate Scarlet Witch!!


Disney+ and Marvel’s upcoming combining project WandaVision has made the headlines before getting released. 

Elizabeth Olsen will be playing Scarlet Witch in the series. She has promised the viewers that they will comic-accurate Scarlet as in the show exploration of Scarlet’s mental health will take place.


WandaVision is among the most anticipating project from Marvel and Disney+ which will feature Wanda and Vision in a unique and classic sitcom-inspired pair. Olsen has made it clear to the fans that they will find an accurate Scarlet Witch from the comic.

In an interview with the New York Times, Olsen was asked what she could denote about the series wherein she showed her excitement and willingness for this project and considered it as an incredible concept. 

She mentioned that she is excited to play Scarlet the one who is in the comics and added that the show is going to inspect Wanda’s mental health which is the key point we find in modern comics. 

Moreover, she is excited to play a major role to handle the stigma within the circle of Marvel. Now when she was asked about the Vision’s role in the show, she became a little dodgier. 

She said with a laugh tone that since Vision died in the last movie so she is not able to answer this. She apologies that she couldn’t answer it and simply showed her comfort to share this with friends rather than reporters.

However, the other fact is that her friends know nothing, she tried to tell them everything but now she found no meaning in that.

Since Olsen is going to be a part of Marvel’s upcoming project ‘Doctor Strange: In the Multiverse of Madness’. So, she was asked about her role in the movie, however, she felt it is too early to share anything on the same.

Hope you are curious enough to find out more on Wanda Vision. We will get back soon with more insights. Until then, bookmark us so you don’t miss any fun.


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