WandaVision’s Director Hayward: 7 big questions we have about S.W.O.R.D’s Director before the finale

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Although many mysteries have been left unresolved at the end of wandavision’s first season still they could have been accepted by the audience. What was surprising was episode 8 Which again is giving mysterious insight into Wanda’s mind. 

This episode is becoming more depressing due to the moment it recollects from the past. The audience is becoming more and more curious about everything happening because although Hayward Is the head of the governmental organization still he develops suspicion in the minds of the audience from his earliest scenes. All these give rise to some of the mysterious biggest questions about the sword leader While moving towards wandavision’s finale.

  • Did Hayward know Wanda Could resurrect vision? We know that Wanda failed to retrieve the vision’s body. At the same time her conversation with Hayward. The concept that she can bring the vision to life was again surprising. This leaves the whole scene in a questionable state.
  • Did Hayward know The drone can maintain Wanda’s magic? The question why Hayward thought drones will work. Other questions about how could he be so sure that Wanda would walk outside to deliver the drone to him.
  • Was Hayward responsible For Maria’s death? The confusion here is that if any human element would have been involved in the death of Maria then it could have only been Hayward because he was only the next in line for this job when sword Head is not let his hands get dirty.
  •  Why was Hayward tracking vision inside the hex? by this time Hayward’s mind should have been wide open. But here we see him underplaying his reactions. Questions like did he even had any read on vision Or is he watching vision alone, arises.
  • What is Hayward’s plan for white vision? At this point, it is certain that he has magical powers. Curiosity increases when we think that whether he did it to bring Wanda down Or what makes him so confident that his plan will work.

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  • Will Hayward be punished for lying to Monica And others? Here it becomes very difficult to imagine the level of this act. The fact that he provided false evidence to an FBI agent also makes us doubtful about other agents who might be guilty of some crime.
  • Does Hayward know about Agatha? Till this point, the main focus was on Wanda and not Agatha. This develops a sense that Might be some last-minute miracle took place that made him know about Agatha.

These are a few of the questions that a dedicated fan might have. But the assurance that these will be answered in the finale is not Confirm!


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