To whom Marvel’s Deadliest Henchwoman is more loyal? Thanos or Doctor Doom!

When it comes to defining the word deadliest, that one name comes to the mind is of Black Swan. She is counted as one of the deadliest beasts in the universe and also has served two baddies named Thanos and Doctor Doom. But the question comes here that which master has commanded her more loyalty?

 Let try to find out the answer.

There is a myth that whenever the supervillains need help, they take things very seriously. It doesn’t seem the morbid mad king of Titan Thanos commands loyalty that easily we have seen before he prefers kidnapping and then raising his underlings to be called as ‘Children of Thanos’. 

He thinks he can win anything with his power, he has no priority to loyalty in his knowledge. In contrast to him, the dictator of Latveria Doctor Doom has something else to prefer, he priors, loyalty, and devotion in comparison to all. 

Along with loyalty, the Doctor is fond of cleverness, he is clever enough to capture Galactus and even saturate with his power of cosmic. Black Swan is the only woman in the Marvel universe who has worked for both of the villains, she prefers one over another.

Who is Black Swan?

She was introduced by Jonathan Hickman and Steve Epting in New Avenger arrived in 2013. YabbatUmmonTurru was caught in the gradual collapse process of Marvel’s vast Multiverse, as soon as she was bore. In reality, to live a little more, she was trained in patterns of mortality which was intentionally crushed by divine beings.

The Black Swan enlists many powers like landing on any alternate, aliens’ earth. Moreover, she can collect the parts needed to blow along with the anti-matter bomb. Collectively we can say she is someone you want on your side.

She put all of her efforts into serving Thanos the black order, he didn’t value her. Thus, she isn’t that loyal to him. We can see in Secret Wars, she criticizes the Black Order’s lack of a plan, and in stars, she even tries to take the infinity stone for herself from Thanos by cheating.

In contrast, the Black Swan devotes Doctor Doom blindly. In New Avengers, she finds that her God RabumAlal is nonother Doctor Doom who was a realty hopping time traveler.


In the end, it was the loyalty that beat power. From this, it seems Doctor Doom’s priority was right and he found both power and loyalty in one that is Black Swan.

Stay safe and stunned with us for further details.  


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