Was Vampire Diaries The Best Show On CW? A Review

Was Vampire Diaries The Best Show On CW? A Review
Was Vampire Diaries The Best Show On CW? A Review

The Vampire Diaries is one of the most famous shows which focuses on the young adult audience. The show premiered on 10th September 2009 on CW and has gotten amazing reviews and responses.

The series follows the vampire Stefan Salvatore, who lurks in a moor for over a century and goes back into the world once he finds a girl, Elena,  who looks like his lover from the 1880s.

Things get difficult when the supernatural is mixed with already difficult teenage angst.

The show has eight seasons and ran till 2017. Over the years each and every character develops so much. The show is said to have one of the most insane character development of all the shows focused on teens. And each and every character is three dimensional and never the simple jock or the popular girl.

As the series progresses, half of the cast seems to have become a vampire (understandably) and relationships get strained, broken and made. Seemingly superficial characters such as that of Caroline Forbes get increasingly complex over the years and it’s quite a journey to see someone metamorphosed into such a strong woman.

The cast of the show is commendable as well. The lead role of Elena is played by multiple teen choice award winner Nina Doberov. Here other acclaimed actors such as Ian Somerhalder, Paul Wesley, Candice King, and Mathew Davis are also on the show

The series was supposed to go on for four more seasons but the leads were against the idea of them playing teenage characters any longer. This is acceptable given the fact that none of the actual teens look like them. 

But still, the fans have refused to let go of the series. So a spin-off of the show called The Originals was aired from 2013 to 2018 with five seasons following the lives of the original vampire settlers of New Orleans.

Are you a fan of Vampire Diaries? Tell us!

Have not watched the show yet? You can binge-watch it on Netflix without hesitation because the fellow quarantined have approved of its binge worthiness!


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