Washington Post Fact-check’s Harris’s Little History Lesson’ On Lincoln: ‘Wasn’t Actually True’


The Washington Post provides a keen reprimand to the ‘little history lesson’ Sen. Kamla Harris posted during Wednesday night’s vice presidential discussion, which seemingly was not actually true.

During an interchange with Vice President Mike Pence on the finalization of Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the SC.

Harris offered that one of the most respected Republican presidents would be in favor of permitting a newly elected president to fill a vacant seat in place of flowing finalization in the heat of an election.

She made her debate in follow-up to Pence saying that President Trump’s appointment is following precedent. 

I am so pleased we went through a small story lesson. Let us work on it some more. Words by Harris. In 1864 Abraham Lincoln was decided to be on election again. He decided 27 days earlier than the election. A seat became open on the United States Supreme Court. 

Abraham Lincoln’s party was in charge not only of the White House Senate. Honest Abe declared that the right point to do.

The American folks deserve to make the resolution abut who will be the next president of America. That man will be able to target who will serve on the greatest court of the land. 

Alright! As per the reports available from the Washington Post on Thursday, Harris did not elaborate correctly on what took place under Lincoln when stuffing the vacant position of Chief Justice Roger B. Taney.

Harris is right that a seat remains there 27 days before the election. That Lincoln did not select anyone until after he wins. But there is no proof he thinks the position should be stuffed by the victor of the election. In fact, he had other reasons for punching the time.


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