Watch Dogs: Legion – Best Gadgets To Unlock First


Watch Dogs: Legions is the newest addition to the Watch Dogs video game series. The game was released on 29 October 2020 as a sequel to Watch Dogs 2 which reached the gamers in 2016. Since the game has been released, it has had a good reception among fans. The game has got a whopping score of 76% on Metacritic.

If you are new to this game, you would have noticed that this doesn’t have a default character with certain abilities that you can choose. There are over 9 million diverse characters with different perks you can be. Too many options can be confusing and can lead to decision fatigue.

Don’t worry! We have got your back. Here we have made a list of gadgets you have to unlock first to reach your destination faster.

Infiltrator Spiderbot

These are essential for squeezing through vents. Vents are mostly the safest way to get to the place you want to reach.

Riot Drone Attack

This is much needed for escaping the notorious Riot Drones. These RDAs hack the enemies and stalls them, buying you more time.

AR Cloak

You can think of this gizmo as an advanced version of Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak. Want stealth 100? This would be your go-to.

Deep Prolifer

This option would allow players to explore other characters as well. Using this option is vital in building a well-rounded character suitable for the cause of your mission.

This is the advice we have to offer. We hope this helps you in any way. 

Happy Gaming!


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