Watch Dogs Legion: The 3rd Instalment Of Watch Dogs Series


Its an upcoming 3rd installment of Watch Dogs game series and it is a sequel to Watch Dogs 2, based on the action-adventure genre, published by Ubisoft and developed by Ubisoft Toronto Studio. As per the creative director, Clint Hocking comments to Famitsu, He tried to share a glimpse of London post-Brexit, which is not too fictional nor too futuristic.

 Watch Dogs Legion was supposed to be released on March 6th, 2020, but the launch has been delayed indefinitely with unknown reasons to us, supposedly due to the global pandemic, it ran into some more release issues.

 The storyline of the Gameplay:

The story starts in futuristic London (fictionalized), where citizens are under constant surveillance by Albion (a private security company) which is acting as a law enforcement company for London. 

The graphics are so amazing that a player will be immersed in it and can visit famous landmarks and walking in the cultural center of the city just like we can do it in real life. But due to Albion’s presence in the city, Personal liberty of citizens are at stake. A player can navigate the city on foot, vehicles, or metros running underground for moving faster.

Watch Dogs Legion: The 3rd Instalment Of Watch Dogs Series

 The newness:

In Legion, a player can recruit many characters through different unique missions. The twist is, the characters joining will depend on his or her relation with DedSec member, if they are already in the good term, the character will join the team, but if the character’s family member has been killed accidentally by DedSec, that character will not join the group. 

 After the recruitment of a new character, he is assigned to a specific class: Combat, Stealth, or Hacking.  Each class helps a charter to build some skills in that specific domain and upgrade it while leveling up by completing missions and activities. While doing so, each character is driven by his or her private past life which dictates a distinctive skill or trait they have. All characters recruited in the player’s roster during the gameplay, are fully customizable with various clothing options and they can carry both lethal and non-lethal weapons.

 The plot:

A player can recruit many of characters during the course of the gameplay, but there is a twist here, the player can lose them too – quite permanently. All characters are subject to risks of losing their life during missions, a player sends them to complete. There is 2 option while a character is seriously injured, either to surrender him or her to their opponent and allow them to be rescued later by other team members, or resist the opponent, in the process character might die and wash away from players roster permanently as a playable character. It will force the player to assume another character to play the game further.

 The game will be made available for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Stadia, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X. 

 Stay tuned and stay safe for more information.


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