We Are Who We Are: Views In the initial season


We Are Who We Are, is an impressive dramatic television sequel for HBO. The show aired in the U.S.A on 14th September 2020. The show is developed and supervised by Luca Guadagnino.

The sequel got an optimistic acknowledgment from the audience. Could it be revived for a second chapter? Well, let’s see.

This dramatic series stars the following: 


  • Chloë Sevigny pretending to be Sarah Wilson, a mother and colonel in the military.
  • Jack Dylan Grazer pretending to be  Fraser Wilson, a boy who moves from NY to a military camp in Veneto and he is 14 years old.
  • Alice Braga pretending to be Maggie Teixeira, Sarah’s spouse.
  • Jordan Kristine Seamón pretending to be Caitlin Poythress. She speaks Italian as she was brought up in a military camp along with her family. 
  • Spence Moore II pretending to be Danny Poythress, Caitlin is his younger sister.
  • Scott Mescudi pretending to be Richard Poythress, Caitlin’s dad.
  •  Faith Alabi pretending to be Jenny Poythress, Caitlin’s mom.
  • Francesca Scorsese pretending to be Britney Orton.
  • Ben Taylor pretending to be Sam Pratchett, Caitlin’s partner.
  • Corey Knight pretending to be Craig Pratchett, a soldier in around the 20’s, and Ben’s older brother.
  • Tom Mercier pretending to be Jonathan Kritchevsky. And he is Sarah’s assistant. 


The story centers on two kids from America that are living in a military base camp of the U.S.A in Italy. The show scours their companionship, and first love, and the agony of being a youngster. Fraser, a 14-years-old boy migrated from NY to a military camp in Veneto. He is a very shy and introverted boy. He has two mums Sarah and Maggie and the two of them are employed in the military. 

However, Caitlin is a very confident and cheerful girl. And she’s been living in the camp along with her family for numerous years so she speaks Italian. 

Danny (her brother) is not as close as Caitlin to their father, Richard. However, the same is not true with her mother, Jenny very well.

The show has got some great response from its viewers, this may aid in renewing the show. As the positive response increases the odds of the show to get renewed also goes high. The show is very astonishing. 


What do you think about the series? And will it be revived? What are your views? We hope that the show gets renewed for it’s following chapter. 

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