The Russian Superhero Love Sausage is going to come back to the screen after season 3 hits, according to The Boys’ Eric Kripke. The Boys have recently completed a set of new characteristics on Amazon Prime for their second season.

Brother Kimiko, Ryan (the son of Home and Becca Butcher), and Stormfront, a literal Nazi superhero, were known to be a super terrorist. 

None of them had the full influence of Love Sausage, however, despite being in the sixth episode of the season.


As the gang goes to Sage Grove to continue its analysis of Storm front’s operations, they find a variety of remedies being infused against their will with Compound V. 

When all hell breaks free and the gang has to run from the mental hospital, it is locked in a room in which nothing but Love Sausage itself eventually breaks into. With its overcast dick, which can reach amazing heights, Love Sausage takes a vent into the room and starts shaking Mother’s Milk.

Love Sausage 

But the last Love Sausage has not been seen by character and show viewers. Kripke said Love Sausage was only used in the episode’s subsequent rewritings to raise the sequence’s indignation.

While Kripke claims it isn’t challenging to incorporate Love Sausage as a predictable character due to the insanity of his forces.

Fans of the comic book need not be surprised by this. Love Sausage has intertwined in its schemes to break down the Seven with the titular People. 

He is one of the only likable supplies The Boys meets with Hughie in the comics. The boys also work on certain missions to carry it to the fold with the Russian sup. But inevitably he reaches his end when he’s shot with an RPG in Butcher’s hands.


Love Sausage blends in with Kripke’s unbelievable show universe and the super-strength doesn’t go too far given some of the other wild images Kripke gave viewers in the first couple of seasons. It makes sense, too, to take love sausage out. 

The boys have already worked with Starlight and Queen Maeve, so the party will be shaking it a little by adding some fresh sup blood for the new season. It will also create some of The Boys’ outrageous visual gags. 

The 3rd season is planned for the beginning of 2021 so that viewers will not be able to see Love Sausage again for quite a while, even though in season 2 they will have memories of their own scene.

Stay tuned with us and wait for more updates on the series.


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