Welcome To Plathville: Is Micha’s Sexy Modeling Work Immoral To Family?


Have you guys caught up with the first season of Welcome to Plathville? 

Then you must have been exposed to the conservative Kim and Barry Plath, who stays on a 55-acre farm in rural South Georgia. They are so conservative that they don’t even allow their children to get themselves in touch with any form of technology or even have some fun while having ice-cream. They firmly encourage their outdated values and beliefs.

In such a family, how do you imagine someone getting into modelling?

Yes, Micha Path has shown the courage. He has also done some intimate photoshoots. In one of its recent episodes of this TLC series, Micha was seen opening up with his lifestyle choices. He clarified that his idea was not to revolt his parents’ belief but to explore his own views.

He met Helena, from a photoshoot in the first season and now has become very good friends with him. Micha kept on wooing her and flirting with her. It is some kind of a courtship I believe but really don’t know if the strict family would ever allow that. Also, the reason for their modelling photoshoot was also unclear. 

Now let’s wait and see whether the family accepts Micha’s ideals and views about his modelling and sexy photoshoots and change their forever mark of becoming a conservative sport! Or do they have some other reason for such a thing.

There’s a lot to be unfolded!  Stay tuned with us to know all of it.


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