Next month, Monsterland will be first on Hulu and provides a new, very persuasive contrast to the regular Halloween horror fare.

The story of the 8-part anthology series revolves around a community of characters around various places in the U.S. It also involves their encounters with amazing, supernatural creatures from a short story collection- “North American Lake Monsters”.

They are all fractured, struggling, or urgently seeking solutions in one way or another, and although each of these tales is autonomous, they have certain similar similarities and a familiar face or two.

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There were more such anthologies launched, but as we know not every anthology is liked by viewers, and not each of them gets famous. Some hit the screen more than others but it is also true that the anthologies are at least fascinating to watch.

The highlights included the first installment that stars Kaitlyn Dever as a hitchhiker who draws the attention of the vicious serial killer and the tale of a mourning father (Cage’s Luke Mike Colter).

The best part of this bunch may be the heartbreak and blackly funny story of a couple who are being played by the mental illness and frequent suicide attempts of Roberta Colindrez and Taylor Schilling.

The least popular sequence was the time where the feeling begins that his life is too terrible because of the supernatural ghost in his house. Also, one of the desires is the dark mystery about the part with Star Wars’ Kelly Marie Tan as a new bride. They have good premises, but their findings are muddled and unsatisfactory.

In reality, certain episodes opt for rather enigmatic endings, and it can be suggested that style is more the subject of the answers than content. It can be irritating, as we have seen that most of the tales are about human experiences that portray metaphorical ideas, but this is the best portray that fits best in it.

The “Man is the real monster” trope is not much original, but Monster land is delving into the conventional genres a little deeper.


You may be disappointed, but for those hoping for more thinking and character-based horror, this is a must-see. When you hope your doubts and scars will explosion.

Monsterland is good in a haunting and melancholy meditation with outstanding performances, although not all ideas are pursued to their maximum potential. Don’t be disappointed if you have any of these troubled yarns for a long time.

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