Westworld Season 3: Will The Series Be Renewed For Season 4 After Its Abrupt Ending?


An American science fiction, Western and dystopian television series, Westworld is created by Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy. The Series is based on the movie Westworld released in 1973 written and directed by Michael Crichton. 

The series is produced by HBO with executive producers as Jonathan Nolan, Lisa Joy, Jerry Weintraub, Bryan Burk, Richard J. Lewi, Roberto Patino, Athena Wickham, Ben Stephenson and Denise Thé. 

The first season was premiered on October 2nd 2016 and had ten episodes which ran till December 4th 2016. In November 2016 HBO renewed the Westworld’s season 2 which was later released on April 22, 2018 and ran till June 24th, 2018. Season 3 of the episode was then launched on 15th March 2020 and the final episode was released on May 3rd, 2020. 

The makers of the show wanted to make more episodes however due to the global pandemic the makers have to cut it to eight episodes only. The show was a massive hit since its season 1 release. The show was appreciated for its compelling storyline, visuals and themes along with the musical scores. The series was appreciated in its second and third season, though certain elements of the screenplay in season 3 gathered mix reviews.

Westworld Season 3: Will The Series Be Renewed For Season 4 After Its Abrupt Ending?

The Westworld takes you the fictional world of technologically advanced Wild-West-themed amusement park occupied by android “hosts”. The park is catering to high paying guests who indulge in their wild fantasies within the park without any fear or retaliation from the hosts. Hosts are programmed so they don’t harm humans.

Season 3 takes place with Dolores escaping the Westworld along with some processing pearls. He develops a relationship with Caleb and learns how artificial beings and lower class humans are treated. William was seen suffering from visions of his daughter after leaving Westworld. 

Season 3 started off on a high note, but the ratings started to drop towards the later episodes. The story received some criticism for its story, pacing and lack of depth. Before some of the much sorted answers could be shown, the series was ended. 

However the good news is that the series is renewed for its season 4. HBO confirmed that the season 4 is happening in April 2020. But the shooting for the show could not be started due to Covid 19. It is risky considering the shooting and graphics involve a lot of time and crew has to do a lot of work outdoors. We expect that the show might see its release in 2022.

No trailers have been released yet by the creators. Well that leaves us with no other option but to wait as Westworld Season 4 will take some time before it is released.


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