Westworld: Updates you can’t afford to Miss!


Westworld, a Sci-fi TV series, with HBO being the producer. The Creators of this series are Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy. it is based on the film Westworld and its sequel Futureworld. Been aired for the first time on October 2, 2016, with its first season followed by the season two and three on April 22, 2018, and March 15, 2020, respectively. 

Overall Storyline: What we have seen so far!

The story revolves around a western cultured theme park which was known as Westworld. This place was totally created out of mind and was technologically ahead from the rest of the world. The park was home to robots who were programmed to fulfil every desire of their guests or visitors, including violent and sexual needs. 

Surprisingly, they were also programmed in a way that they will not harm the humans and their memories were erased daily. But as the series moves forward some robots gets the ability to think and to feel the sensations. By the end of the third season, everything was expanded to the real world, and it was shown that Artificial Intelligence will control the humans in the 21st Century.

Westworld: Updates you can’t afford to Miss!

Westworld Season 4: release date, cast and what could be the plot?

The third season of West world was recently aired on HBO on 15 March 2020 after a significant gap of 2 years from season 2. The makers took a good gap to improve the quality of graphics and establishing a connect to the real world in all the seasons so far. 

As the season 3 proceeds, fans are eagerly waiting for the announcement of the fourth season to which we know HBO responded by renewing the fourth season on April 22, 2020. But there were no announcements on the release dates, however, historically looking, the overall trend of the gap in previous seasons, and the season four work being in progress, it is anticipated that the fourth season would be released in 2022, not sure if COVID-19 has also got a role to play in the delay. 

Updates on Cast

HBO hasn’t mentioned of the season 4 cast, but it is expected that the major characters will reprise their roles in the fourth installment including Tessa Thompson, Ed Harris, Thandie Newton, and Jeffery Wright.

Expected Storyline for Season 4

Since season three ended with a Bang! considering most of the scenes from the real world than the theme park, highly likely builds a base for the season 4, however, as the work is in progress, it could be too early to say until we have a confirmed plot.

Being asked more about the plot, Nolan said that the season 4 will have a different genre and a different feel from season 3 and will be much greater. Well, that leaves the viewers with many questions about the season 4, like, ” will charlotte be building her army?” or ” will Dolores will make a return in a new form?’‘.

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