When it comes to adapting a comic book into a movie or a show, the adaptation usually takes the liberty of the characters and storyline and there is nothing new with the American television series ‘The Boys’. 

The show arrived on Amazon Prime in 2019, and the first season of the show told the viewers that the show is not going to adapt the comic strictly. 

All you need to know

If you watch the show after reading the comic you will found that the showrunners have made numerous changes in the characters, along with the plot elements and disturbing moments. 

Here we have figured out ten changes that are made in the show to make it different from the comic. Let’s have a look.

Vic The

Victoria Neuman was an interesting new change made in the series. She is portrayed as a politician who doesn’t like Vought and wants to bring him down.


Everyone’s beloved bulldog Terror brings the change here. It has shown that Terror is living with Butcher’s ant.


The series has shown that Becca made the pregnancy successful and survive it. She gave birth to Ryan, another new creation that has superpowers.

Church of the collective

The original creation made the show itself as the Church of the collective. You will not find any single word about the comic. It resembles the Church of Scientology.

Love Sausage

Love sausage in contrast to comics played a small but effective role in the show. He appeared as a patient with some powers including stretching his appendage.

Queen Maeve

In both comic and the show, Queen Maeve is an ally for the boys but different reasons. She saves starlight multiple times and helps in fighting with Stormfront with them.


In contrast with the comic, the lamplight character seemed more sympathetic in the show. He accidentally torched Mallory’s grandchildren and he means to kill Mallory.

Starlight and A-train

In the comics, Starlight and A-train share a worse relation. In the show, yes they have a bitter relationship but viewers have seen them helping each other.

Black Noir

The comics present Black Noir a clone of Homelander, killing people, eating babies, and as a rapist of Butcher. In the first and second season as made it cleared that the Black Noir was not a clone of Homelander. 


Aya Cash playing Stormfront made it clear that this Stormfront is different from the comics. Besides the gender difference, in the show, Stormfront is the part of The Seven and in comics; he was seen as a former evil rose by Hitler Youth.

What do you think the roles can be considered as next big reason for the new seasons? Share your views and let u know you side of the thought!


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