What are the starcast of Starsky & Hutch upto these days?

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If you ask, this is what the cast was until when the picture was released in 2004.

There was a time when Ben Stiller featured apparently in every comedy, and for a good reason, almost all he had been an enormous smash. And Stiller played the deeply wounded car-obsessed Detective David Starsky in 2004 as a member of the titular duo of Starsky & Hutch. His performance has continued to be successful as an actor for years but in recent years has slowed. With “Tropic Thunder” and “The secret life of Walter Mitty,” he won new fans and played with security officer Larry Daley as well as other films.

Ken Hutchinson, also known as the “Hutch,” is the other half of the leading duo. His approach to criminal fighting Hutch is more easygoing and calm—perfect for actor Owen Wilson’s charm and slow performance.

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Wilson had almost ten years of experience, performing roles in Goofball comedy and Wes Anderson’s ensemble work. He has found plenty more meaty roles to be played since “Starsky & Hutch.” His voice in the “Cars” franchise is a favourite for children, with Anderson still working, including recent movie parts such as “The Grand Budapest Hotel” and “The French Dispatch” and “Loki.” His work as a voice artist is the favourite of children.

Snoop is sufficient to portray himself in many of his roles or exaggerate himself in some exaggeration. In “The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run” or “Pitch Perfect 2” and many other things, you may have seen him. Even if he plays some different roles, it is rather difficult to distinguish between Snoop and his character, whether in award winners such as “Dolemite Is My Name.”

The prolific acting career of Fred Williamson Williamson has been. You might have noticed him in series of guest roles such as “Mary JaneBeing, “‘s “Push Daisies” from ABC, or “Bang! Bang!” from IFC’s Comedy! He has also appeared in various other roles and cameos. 

Many other stars in the movie have somewhat made themselves known in the show business. While some have made it big, others have made excellent and memorable appearances here and there.

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