What do we know so far about Fear Street Part 2: 1978

Source: The Guardian
A few months from October and Halloween, Netflix is bringing a scary trio of horror flicks from Fear Street. The slasher trilogy started on July 2 1994, with Part 1 and brought us into the allegedly haunted city of Shadyside, Ohio, America’s killing capital. Sixteen years before the first part of the Fear Street trilogy, the second instalment takes us back to 1978 for summer fun at Camp Nightwing. The camp is separated as campers and advisors from the wealthy city of Sunnyvale look down from the downtrodden Shadyside on their counterparts.
Source: Decider
When, however, the horrors of the shared history emerge, and the homicidal presence takes hold of some campers, the Shadyside and Sunnyvale residents have to put their differences apart in their dreadful struggle for existence. The midNight Pacific Time on July 9, 2021, Fear Street Part 2: 1978. Like all global Netflix releases, Fear Street is released worldwide, midnight PT in the United States at the same time. This means 3:00 ET in the US worldwide, 8:00 in the UK, 12:30 in India and 5:00 in Sydney, Australia. In the United States. The second film in the trilogy is focused on an almost entirely different set of people following the opening instalment of July 2. The new actors to join Part 2 are: Sadie Sink is Constance “Ziggy” Berman Emily Rudd is Cindy Berman Ryan Simpkins is Alice McCabe Slye is Tommy Slater Ted Sutherland is Young Nick Goode Gillian Jacobs is Adult Ziggy Berman Chiara Aurelia is Sheila The actors from Part 1 include: Kiana Madeira is Deena Benjamin Flores Jr. is Josh Olivia Scott Welch is Sam Fraser Ashley Zuckerman is Sheriff Nick Goode Jordana Spiro is Nurse Mary Lane Jordyn DiNatale is Ruby Lane Read more: http://ipodlawsuit.com/


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