What do we know so far about Kaos


The road from “Kaos” to the screens was like every production which hit the COVID-19 epidemic speedbump. The show initially was revealed on 10 June 2018 by Netflix, when a 10-episode series direct order was reported to Deadline and other news sites.

More than a year passed without more specifics until October 2019, and creator Charlie Covell sat down to discuss her latest creation with the Radio Times. By that time, Covell stated that the production development stage was smooth and added, “I expect it would be on screen 2021 that we should shoot at the end of June next year.”

The epidemic occurred naturally, shutting down all film production in both the United States and the United Kingdom for more than one year. “KAOS” eventually got an official details website in April 2020. Still, since then, there has been no further official information about the production, and no news about the state of the shooting have been revealed.

We know that only this year could most movies and TV shoots be filmed for 2020. So in that respect, we probably won’t have “Kaos” this year. However, given that Netflix is confident enough about the status of this project to build an official page, somewhere in 2022, we can feel pretty secure to bet on a release.

Although we still have very little information on “Kaos,” as Netflix hasn’t yet initiated an official advertising campaign, we are well aware of the thematic ambitions of the show. Described as a ‘gender series’ in its official Netflix page, which ‘puts a modern twist on Greek and Roman myths, exploring the topics of gender politics, power and underworld life,’ the “Kaos” is set to be an ambitious high-fantasy epic that television has become so fit for post-2010s.

Indeed, Charlie Covell described it as “a sort of Game of Thrones” in the Radio Times for everyone wondering how ambitious “Kaos” is going to be. However, Covell promised something more in keeping with her earlier work in terms of what the scale is, adding that “It should [feel] tonally at the end of the World-y in terms of humour and score and appearance. Baz Luhrmann Romeo and Juliet were one of the key steers for me to look like.”

The concept of a World-level “GOT” kind of blockbuster is quite exciting. However, Covell’s quick summary of the plot is still more intriguing: “We are only beginning with Orpheus and Eurydice, and the gods are like the enormous, hilarious, dark and sorrowful family.” All in all, “Kaos” appears to have made a large Netflix winner.


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