The fifth season of the American teen drama Riverdale is currently showing, and it is a huge hit with fans and viewers from all over the world. A drama based on Archie Comics characters is a favourite among teens. So enjoy a new dose of drama and pleasure with every episode you watch!

As seen in the most recent episode of the show, Archie and Eric Jackson deal with the effects of their time in the Army. In the meantime, Uncle Frank is there to aid them with their problems. Betty, on the other hand, isn’t going to give up on Polly’s search. Instead, she’s willing to do whatever it takes to find her and bring her home.

Meanwhile, Veronica is eager to build her own business and make money without regard for anyone else. This is accompanied by the fact that Betty and Tabitha will appear at an Entertaining Show with their new idea to attract truckers and find out who is in charge of putting the event together. 

Betty had no idea that a trap was waiting for her, so she fell into it without a second thought. Despite this, she is always one step ahead of her adversaries, and the truckers have no idea. Now, Riverdale Season 5 viewers are eagerly anticipating the upcoming episode. There will be a new episode in the next few days.

‘Chapter Ninety-one: Return of the Pussycats’ will be the title of the next episode. It will be about Josie McCoy, a world-renowned musician. She returned to Riverdale after cancelling her world tour. While visiting Valerie and Melody in a tiny town, Josie discovers the reason for her return. Pussycats appear to be in the cards for the reunion. In all of this, Veronic may find it difficult to cope with a land deal, but Tony can help. This time around, Veronica will be reunited with Alexandra.

The next episode will be released on September 8, 2021. On top of all that, The CW will be airing this episode at 8 PM ET on Monday, April 15. Each episode of the season will show every Wednesday.

There is no need to worry about watching every episode of this teen drama if you are one of its devotees. To view this excellent series, you should tune in to the CW cable channel. If you’ve never seen a single episode of the series and would like to see the prior episode, you can do so by visiting The CW’s official website. To access the application, you must have a valid cable login.



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