Season 2 of Shadow and Bone is still a long way off. Unfortunately, we’ve already seen the first season of Grishaverse back in April, so it’ll be a long before we see it again.

We enjoyed Netflix’s adaptation of Leigh Bardugo’s novel series, so it’s not a surprise that there will be a follow-up series.

What do we know about Shadow and Bone season 2 while we wait for more specific information? Director Shawn Levy just offered an update on the progress of season 2’s development. However, you’ll have to keep reading to find out more.

Shadow and Bone season 2 will have to wait a long time before it is announced. Early 2022 is our best guess, but Netflix hasn’t made any public announcements.

Casting has yet to be confirmed. However, all of the big players from season 1 are expected to return:

  • Jessie Mei Li is Alina Starkov 
  • Ben Barnes is General Kirigan/the Darkling 
  • Archie Renaux is Malyen “Mal” Oretsov 
  • Freddy Carter is Kaz Brekker 
  • Amita Suman is Inej Ghafa 
  • Kit Young is Jesper Fahey 
  • Danielle Gilligan is Nina Zenik 
  • Calahan Skogman is Matthias Helvar 
  • Zoe Wanamaker is Baghra 
  • Sujaya Dasgupta is Zoya Nazyalensky 

Siege and Storm and Six of Crows will be the two main stories in season 2. To keep Kirigan from capturing Alina, season 2 should have Alina and Mal continue their adventure to new regions to avoid Kirigan’s clutches.

Kirigan has tapped into his Darkling powers and created new Fold creatures known as Nichevo’ya, as shown in the season 1 finale. Unlike the Volcra that live in the Fold, these monsters can move in broad daylight and will prove to be a formidable foe for Alina and Mal.

“The Darkling” star Ben Barnes wants season 2 to “drift off” from the books in a similar way that the Dregs were integrated into Alina’s storyline in season 1.

Even if Heisserer and the others don’t, it would be a fascinating spin on the original material. So existing fans would be able to enjoy new material but will have to wait for a little.

While the Dregs are likely to hook up with Nina in an attempt to release Matthias, Kaz’s plot to rescue Bo Yul-Bayur, an inventor of a medication Grisha find addicting, from Fjerda’s Ice Court relies on the trio – and possibly Wylan as well. Alina’s first task for the Dregs to capture her was a ‘difficult theft’ in Shadow and Bone season one, so it’s probable Bo’s rescue will be adjusted for the TV show.

It’s possible to adapt Zoya’s storyline from another Grishaverse duology, “King of Scars.” However, it’s interesting to note that Zoya, who had a supporting part in the Grisha trilogy, is given a more important role in Bardugo’s second duology.

When Zoya was last seen in the season 1 finale, she was going to Novokribrisk, the city that Kirigan destroyed with the Fold. Even though the Dregs are dead, Zoya could partner up with them again like she does in the Crooked Kingdom novel by Six of Crows or includes elements of her storey from the King Of Scars book into her plot.

How many episodes will there be in season 2? ‘Shadow and Bone’ will return for another eight-episode series. However, Alina and Mal’s voyage may or may not be the primary focus of the film. The Dregs and Zoya may also be featured in some way.



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