Jessica Chastain, star of The 355, demonstrated the true importance of the title number. As a party of female spies, the film starring Chastain, Diane Kruger, and Penélope Cruz, and Lupita Nyong’o.

The women are stars, called 355 as a squad of spies, trying to save the planet. Any woman is from another spy service, such as the CIA, the MI6, and the BND. Simon Kinberg is the film’s second director after the well-known fiasco of Dark Phoenix’s first attempt.

She is not an outsider to female spy movies. In Zero Dark Thirty, the actress was the CIA agent whose role contributed to Osama Bin Laden’s arrest. Their second Oscar nomination came to Chastain’s place. Chastain has also been a star of a female assassin and spy in the newly released Ava.

About Jessica Chastain and the 355

From his Zero Dark Thirty job, Chastain uncovered the root of the code name 355. For the actress, the friendship between the two films is thrilling. The Chastain produced the film, besides its leading role. Chastain just began to venture out behind the camera into positions. 

The Division, a famous video game adjustment, will produce three more upcoming cinemas.

Chastain herself approached Kinberg with the film partially because the number of women’s spy movies was immense. Although films such as Atomic Blonde and Red Sparrow have been experienced in recent years, there has been no franchise based on a woman spy. For decades, both the James Bond series and the Mission Impossible series produced films.

Because of their fan foundation and the current source content, these franchises have been so popular. From an original concept, it is tougher to create a franchise But Chastain hopes to make this video. The capacity is stated by the cast.


The marketing highlight the diversity of the roots of the character and whilst this film focuses on CIA agent Mace Brown from Chastain, the opportunity is available to investigate the history of the other character.

With Nyong’o playing a tech expert MI6, Cruz playing Colombian psychologist, Kruger playing the German intelligence lady, named Marie. Although the focus of the film is undoubtedly female empowerment, with Chastain’s discovery of the source of the word, 355 takes on a whole new significance. In 2021 the movie will be screened.

We need to wait more to know more about it. Stay tuned with us and enjoy reading.


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