What happened at the end of Human Capital?


Who was it that ploughed into the cyclist? The film begins with a puzzle. Who was driving the car that struck a waiter on his way home from work on his bicycle? Throughout the film, the pieces seem to fall into place, and for a time, it appears like Jamie, Quint’s son, was responsible for the hit. We learn that he was intoxicated at a party and somehow managed to get home, but his account is suspect. 

After parting up with Jamie as he was gay, Shannon began seeing Ian (Alex Wolff). One night at the party, she receives a call from Jamie, who is in desperate need of a ride home because he is too drunk to do so himself. So she drives Jamie in her car while Ian drives Jamie’s Jeep. Classically rebellious, Ian speeds down the road and collides with the bike. Even if it was a mistake, the consequences are dire. And if Shannon hadn’t left her laptop open, Jamie might have been held responsible for the hit-and-run.

By the end of the movie, where are we all? In exchange for the $300,000 he spent in Quint’s company at the beginning of the film, Drew travels to the Mannings with the information essential to clear their son. Carrie (Marisa Tomei) declares that the transaction is done, and it appears that Drew kept his part of the bargain because Shannon discovers an armed police presence at Ian’s house next. Unfortunately, Ian kept his word and attempted suicide rather than serve time in prison. Fortunately, he was saved, and the next time we see him, he’s in jail.

Everyone’s situation deteriorates or is completely obliterated over a few days. Drew causes serious financial hardship for his family and emerges from the scenario with less money than he started. As a result of stock market volatility, the Mannings’ financial security is also in doubt. Finally, of course, Ian’s sentence means he’ll spend the remainder of his life behind bars. In addition to all of that, a guy has died, and the bicyclist may still be alive if Shannon had recalled her keys and not gone to the therapist’s office. As a result, Ian, the weakest character and the one with the fewest resources, is the most harmed. 



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