In Lovecraft Nation Stage 1, episode 7, Hippolyta (Aunjanue Ellis) was more the subject of the plot, even though it isn’t obvious what will happen in the future. 

In this episode, Hippolyta learns Atticus (Jonathan Majors) lied to her concerning the circumstances of George’s death (Courtney B. Vance). The scenario upsets her and drives her to explore Hiram’s orrery more deeply; subsequently, she is unwittingly taken into the far future.

What is the plot of Episode 7?

After several co-ordinates have been found in the orrery, she winds up in an old observatory where she finds Hiram’s time machine. But two police officers disturb her and discover her aggressive questions, Hippolyta uses her love of math and technology and works out how it works.

Atticus came to support her, but one of the officers was killed in the ensuing battle and the computer was triggered incidentally. 

It unlocks a door that Hippolyta and Atticus both stumble through. In a futuristic space with implants on her hands, Hippolyta awakens nude. She meets a giant female, modern, who portrays herself as “I Am” (the episode title).

More about the episode

The transcendental vision of Hippolyta in episode 7 left her with an accessible destiny. She may be in the future imprisoned because the time system was destroyed by the Atticus, although this is impossible.

After all, Hippolyta would either return home or stay specifically specified. Furthermore, Hippolyta will scarcely ever give up her daughter in the society in which she is against. 

If she returns, it is most possible, since her name is the first reference to Hippolyta — the daughter of both the War God and the Queen of the Amazons — in Greek myths, that she would carry along some new abilities. 


Episode 7 is about the recreated form of Hippolyta, and she comes back with certain godly abilities, as gods are often represented as self-created. That’s reinforced by the fact that Hippolytus was always interpreted into one of its kind by the godlike character I Are (loudly called by the ancient Israelite God, Yahweh) that I AM.

Also, it is very likely that, since it has the name of a warrior god, if it returns, it will use its new abilities to help Atticus and the others battle the darkness around them. 

On the other hand, it may come back without supernatural force in future Lovecraft Nation episodes and with a regained faith that it had lost long since because of its authoritarian existence.

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