What happens after Victor comes out, revealed in Love, Victor Season 2

Source: People.com

Our long wait for Love, Season 2 of Victor, is almost over. The first trailer shows what happened after Victor (Michael Cimino) came to his family last year’s cliffhanger.

When the Hulu drama signed with the 1st season finale, Victor had developed the confidence to eventually tell his parents he’d be homosexual after much of the season. But before he — and the audience – saw their response, the episode ended. Fortunately, Season 2 takes the first time we left, back to that tense moment before we leave ten weeks before finishing what seems to be one of his best times.

“With his new boyfriend Binji, co-creator and managing producer Isaac Aptaker EW, Victor is given a highly deserved and truly epic summer and starts his class year.

Source: People.com

He adds that “At the beginning of the season, a lot of our characters are entering new relationships, so we can discuss all these first things, which are awe-inspiring stories: with sex, firstly with the words, ‘I love you and all those things, meeting one another’s parents. Most of this show comes from the writer’s room’s perspective, and everybody gets to learn about their high school years and revive the successes and traumas.”

Though Victor has been in swoon bliss for this latest instalment, his happy bubble is in danger of erupting when he comes out—publicly, at school this time—and some of his basketball teammates call it unfair.

“The locker room is a bustling, sometimes frightening location,” says Aptaker. “One of Victor’s most difficult aspects as an out-of-school homosexual is that it’s an athlete. This is a field in which LGBTQ+ representation is still so lacking. We truly wanted to look at that: what’s Victor’s like when he is a gay star athlete, and how is the world that is special to him and frightening?”

Love, Victor first season 2 will be available on Hulu on June 11.


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