What if…? Episode 4 Is More Important Than You Think To The Marvel Cinematic Universe.


“What If…?” Doctor Strange is the subject of Episode 4’s most crucial question (Benedict Cumberbatch). You get an idea of how the Sorcerer Supreme would act if Christine Palmer (Rachel McAdams) were more emotionally open to him. If Christine had been driving with him at the time of the fatal vehicle accident, he would have died instead of paralysing his hands. It’s a terrible episode that reveals a lot about Stephen Strange’s character at its core. 

As a result of Christine’s death, he turns to Kamar-Taj, the Ancient One (Tilda Swinton), and the Time Stone to find the cure for his hands. The Time Stone, however, is the key to saving his life. But, unfortunately, due to Stephen’s obsession with protecting Christine, he’s lured by the Infinity Stone’s power.

For obvious reasons. Despite having an ego, this form of the hero is also emotionally compromised. As a result of using the Time Stone, he is forced to watch Christine repeatedly die, which is one of the most tragic scenes in the series so far. The scene parodies the hero’s solo film’s ending, where he continually dies at the hands of Dormammu (Benedict Cumberbatch). Still, it’s much more essential to the Marvel Cinematic Universe than you may think.

In a montage, it’s hinted that Doctor Strange has tried everything to save Christine, including leaving her behind, letting her drive the automobile, and travelling alternate routes. But, unfortunately, Christine dies in each of them. After his final try, the Ancient One tries to convince him that her death cannot be undone since it is an “absolute moment” in the Marvel chronology that cannot be changed.

In the end, Stephen becomes a warped version of himself due to Stephen’s ego taking over. This “absolute point” line from the Ancient One has broader implications for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. That there are things that can’t be changed and things that can verify what we already knew.  Avengers: Endgame fans already know that the Avengers altered history by stealing the Infinity Stones during the “Time Heist” sequence. This implies, therefore, that the heist is a certainty an absolute point in time. It’s inevitable.

Time Variance Authority didn’t intervene in Doctor Strange’s plot to save Christine in “What If…?” Instead, this episode goes over into “Loki” territory, as it explores what occurs when someone deviates from the chronology. Keep in mind that Kang (Jonathan Majors) says in the “Loki” finale that the universe has “passed the threshold.” As we move forward, we may see additional absolute points in Phase 4 films, such as “Spider-Man: No Way Home” and “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness,” as we move forward.



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