What is Lucas Black doing after leaving the casting of NCIS: New Orleans?

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Everyone must be knowing Lucas Black, star of “Fast and Furious 7”, he has already left the cast of NCIS. But even though Lucas Black left the crew of NCIS: New Orleans, he didn’t leave his passion of acting.

All must be thinking how is this possible. So, wait. We are going to discuss that next only. Just scroll further and get to know more about the actor and his passion and his reason to left NCIS.

Departure of Lucas Black from NCIS:

After the death of Lucas’s character Christopher in critically acclaimed NCIS, fans were in a state of demise, everyone were shocked. No one was expecting the sudden departure of Lucas from the show. 

But there is the good news for you all!

If you are a fan of Lucas and wish to see more of him, you can go and enjoy his latest big movie after leaving NCIS: NOLA, fast and furious 9. 

Lucas uploaded a short clip of him on the set with an amazing car that his character in the film might have created. Just tap on the link and enjoy the video by him.


Lucas Black back in Fast and Furious:

We will see the great acting by Lucas once again as Sean Boswell, again third time in the “Fast and Furious” saga. He played his first role in “Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift”. 

We are not yet aware of the plot role of saga till now but we do know that he might reunite with Sung Kang who was his previous guide Han.

Final Words:

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It is indeed that “Fast and Furious 9” will definitely create a hype among fans and will not fail to impress us even a single bit.

Though recently, Cipher accompanies with Jakob to teach Dom a good lesson. The trailer released looks really exciting and action packed, they will definitely surprise us with great surprises and plot twists and of course we can’t wait to see Lucas on the stage again.

But if you are in a great urge to watch the former parts of “Fast and Furious” seasons, just tap on the link and download it for free- https://t.me/Furious_And_Fast/204 

We right now don’t have any news about other new fast and furious movies; thus, we will have to wait for some time to see some brand-new epic movies. 

Time will tell!!


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