What Only Fans of The Book Know About Behind Her Eyes’ Ending!

Courtesy: Looper

If you all have watched the Netflix series “Behind Her Eyes”, then must have realized that it was ended on a cliffhanger. For all who don’t know, the popular series is based on the famous novel by Sarah Pinborough. 

And to do justice with the original plot, the ending was slightly twitched on the screen which has left you all wondering what must have happened next.

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How “Behind Her Eyes” ended?

The series was ended when Rob made Louise leave her body by deceiving her. He did it so that he can live happily ever after with David. And in the final episode, David and Rob were shown married and eloping away with Adam.

After that, the scene shifts to the honeymoon destination of the couple, where Adam tries to flee away as he doesn’t like the boat. And David and Rob saw at each other giving each other disappointed look.

What can be perceived from the ending?

It can be derived that Rob and David must be plotting to kill Adam. But as soon as they were about to execute their plan, he fled away. On this note, the whole series left behind the question that- Where is Adam?

The little boy is in a very dangerous situation. As Rob was very firm about killing him. Now, if you will read the novel, you won’t be able to conclude anything.

Courtesy: Looper

According to director Erik Richter Strand, the monologue is going to be very much interesting. He wants to maintain the spooky part at the end of the season. This came true and viewers are left with a lot of questions. 

Final Word:

We all can hope that in season 2, justice will be served and Adam will be saved by some good souls. 

What is written in the fate of Adam, know just stay tuned wait for the updates about season 2.


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