What Penn Badgley Would Look Like As The Batman Movie’s Joker



  • The creators haven’t disclosed who will be playing the role of Joker, but an Instagram account has chosen the perfect actor.
  • A digital creator shared the fan art of Penn Badgley in the upcoming Batman film.
  • The artist created the signature look of the Joker, which looks great on You star Penn Badgley.

Inside Story

Some actors play evilest or creepy roles in series and films, but we still get drawn towards them. We get mesmerized by their charms and good looks. While talking about this evil yet handsome characters, one or two names might have popped into your mind. If not, then Joe Goldberg from You series is the best example.

Joe is a stalker and a creep who kills many people, yet, viewers still fall in love with him. That guy is extremely romantic but in a very twisted and toxic way. Penn Badgley is perfect for this role, and he has also been praised for his performance. Have you ever thought what will he look like if he plays the character of Joker in the upcoming Robert Pattinson‘s The Batman? 

Whenever we talk about DC’S Joker a sadistic character appears in our mind. He is commonly called the clown prince and loves to cause havoc in Gotham City.

Even after killing people and disrupting the city, the audience is drawn towards him for his dark side. He has a shady past too, which has made him the evil person he is today. What if You star gets an opportunity to portray Joker in the upcoming film? 

If he gets the role or not, a guy named Josh, who is an Instagram artist has already chosen him a suitable actor for the role. Recently, he shared the fan art of Penn Badgley as Joker for the new The Batman film. After having a glance at the fan art, it might creep you out, but in a good way. You can check out the Instagram post below.

The picture looks quite eerie, and you will feel like his green orbs staring right into your soul. Well, we must say that the artist really knows who should play as Joker. He has donned the character’s traditional red-painted smile, green and purple effect very well.


Let us assume if he does get the role, then he will be a complete delight to watch on the big screen. If you liked his fan art, then do not forget to check out his other posts too. Stay tuned for more updates.


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