Aya Cash is pictured by the latest fan art as Jean Gray’s Marvel Cinematic Universe. Cash is not alien to the Stormfront of Amazon Prime’s The Boys’ play of superheroes and stars.

However, in a recent interview, the actress said she liked to play Jean Gray, Rogue, or Beast in future MCU-X-Men movies. Cash seems ready for the first time for a new challenge.

In numerous comic books, movies, and TV screenings, Jean Grey is generally represented as one of the toughest mutants in the wider world of X-Men. She’s a powerful telephone, not just Omega Type Telepath. Moreover, she is connected to the Phoenix Force, an immortal celestial being that serves as the M’kraan Crystal protector. 

As a result, Jean Gray remained one of her fellow X-Men’s most successful and quick to recognize mutants.

More about it

Apex form, a visual artist, has shared awesome new Cash fan art as Jean Grey. Cash in the shape of jean grey, with what looks like fiery wings flowering behind her, is represented in Apex form. The eyes of Cash are dazzling and the limbs are bent as if they carry someone in the air by telekinetic. The remarkable development of the apex form can be seen below: 

In the title, the Dark Phoenix Saga is apex form comparisons, one of Marvel’s most influential history stories. Jean Grey was initially rescued by the Phoenix after the hero was subjected to a solar flare, the cosmic being became the dark phoenix. The Black Phoenix begins a murderous spree, in which the star system and its 5 trillion occupants are ultimately killed.

After an intergalactic council convenes and agrees to kill the Dark Phoenix, Jean Grey gets back the body and turns the old Cree arms on him. The Dark Phoenix Saga has been replicated over the years, not only in several TV shows and films but also in several instances. It appears to be one of the main stories of Jean Gray — and apex form’s formation points to Cash being undeniable.


Thanks to the Fox / Disney contract, the X-Men are now returning to Marvel, so that more of the fans can see X-Men movies show up earlier rather than later on in the broader MCU. Cash’s collaborating for some other ventures appears to be a match made in the heavens though she is occupied for her.

After all, Cash has already proven she has difficult personalities to show off the dynamic essence and unwavering feeling of compromise of Jean Gray, which indicates she will suit well.

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