What was the Inspiration For Montana In AHS: 1984?


For fans of the horror anthology, the 9th season of “American horror history,” subtitled “1984.” It was essentially a love letter from the eighties, with references to pop culture, crazy serial killers working at the time and iconic 80s fashion. “AHS: 1984” was followed by a group of summer camp advisers to Camp Redwood, a seemingly typical, gradually turning into a hellish destination in the summer. Some of the previous season performers, notably Emma Roberts, Lily Rabe and relatively newcomer Billie Lourd, starred in “AHS: 1984.”

Albeit sure fans weren’t impressed by Lourd’s work, she remained a vital element of the ninth season as the ornate and impulsive camp counsellor, Montana Duke — although her impulsivity proved its weakest characteristic. Montana was also loved for her incredible appliances and coolness generally, which led many fans to think that a genuine star of the 1980s inspired her to look.

It looks like a queen screaming from the 1980s for Montana Duke. The image of Montana recalled the renowned screaming Queen Linnea Quigley of the 80s, who was famous for being featured on B-festivals such as “Graduation Day” and “Return of the Dead.” In “AHS: 1984,” Quigley’s great 1980s hair, smokey eyes and spectacular costume recall Montana’s feature.

Although some people stated that they were not aware of parallels, Montana and Quigley had some characteristics. A Redaker admitted, “I never thought about it, but I can see it fully! Interesting and cool option, as another person remarked, “Of course one person who inspired her was the eighties, honey, that’s how most of you wore.” This is also a point of order.

Quigley and hundreds more renowned 80s queens helped several slasher films gain cult status were inspired by Montana.


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