What we know so far about Stranger Things Season 4

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Netflix is hoping for a new Stranger Things season, which is finally coming up as season 4 will wrap up in August. A Teaser was published on YouTube in May, which alluded to the comeback of the science fiction drama.

The short clip shows the symbolic laboratory in which the villain, Dr Brenner, conducted his children’s experiments, including Elven. In addition, the teaser shows a time when children clad in medical gowns are playing on a rainbow automobile path with their cards. Visibly key things are fired in several ways, including a chessboard, a ball and even an eight-ball Magic interpreting “yes signs” because a kid laughs troublingly.

Three seasons with Joyce, played by Winona Ryder, ended emotionally, taking away her two sons and Elve from the fictitious midwest city of Hawkins. The family was last seen by their van and left their home after David Harbour, the alleged killing of Hopper.

Source: Hello! magazine

However, the fans at the latest scene of the series had the impression that Hopper was still alive – and his role was confirmed in season 4. Eleven lost their powers in the third season.

The Duffer Brothers, the American directors, published an official report that shows what Stranger Things four-season might hope to achieve: “We are pleased to announce that Stranger Things 4 has now been produced – and even better to announce Hopper’s return!

“While it’s not good for our American news, in the frigid desert of Kamchatka, Russia, he’s imprisoned far away from home and faces both human and other perils. In the meantime, a new horror is emerging in the States, something long-entered and connecting.”

Besides the excellent new plot from Hopper, the fourth season is the scariest of all. “I think this year, and I know I say it each year. But that is going to be much scarcer than years before because last year was dark.” Joe Keery says to Total Film, who is playing Steve Harrington. In the fourth season, Lucas’ favourite sister Erica will also have to play a major role. The cast will probably remain the same, and there could be a few more additions. 

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