What will be Hulk’s future in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?


Hulk is one of the most famous Avengers and everyone’s favorite character in the Marvel comics universe. It is a powerful character in MCU and has first appeared in his solo movie named The Incredible Hulk which was released in 2008. 

The film did miserably failed on the box office and was also a low grossing movie of Marvel universe movies. After that MCU replaced Edward Norton for the role of Hulk and cast Mark Ruffalo since then. 

The Hulk last appeared with the rest of the Avengers in the Avengers: End game, which was avengers most crucial war to defeat Thanos. After Thanos got defeated, Hulk’s final scene involved sending Captain America back in time to replace Infinity stones. 

Since then, there has a big question and a lot of talking in the minds of Marvel fans that what will happen to the Hulk’s future in Marvel’s Universe and will it ever reappear?

Some of us was expecting to see a solo movie of the Hulk-like that of the Incredible Hulk, But that is not seeming possible because if Marvel studios wanted to add another Hulk movie it has to go through Universal studios as Universal has the first refusing rights on the Hulk movie, which means if Marvel wanted to release the Hulk movie it has to offer Universal the option of Distributing it.

What will be Hulk’s future in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

Some assumptions we made that the Character of Hulk will reappear in the upcoming Disney plus series She-hulk. 

This series will revolve around Jennifer Susan who is a cousin of Bruce Banner as she got similar powers like hulk when she got a Blood transfer from Bruce during a medical emergency. But this rumor has not been confirmed by the Marvel comics.

But there is some news that Ruffalo has a 6-movie contract with the Marvel comics universe, out of which he has appeared in five so there’s is still contract left for one movie. 

There are also various comics arcs and tales of the hulk in the Marvel comics that the fans would love to see. But as we all know we can’t get to see a solo movie on the hulk. the great probability is that we could see hulk in the supporting role in the solo movies of other characters. 

This could also be taken as the strength of the Hulk as he has become an established and a famous character and can jump from Franchise to Franchise of other characters and fans could get to see the incredible hulk in different upcoming MCU movies.

When asked to Mark Ruffalo about the Future of the Hulk, he said that he would love to appear as Hulk along with the young superheroes of the Marvel comics.

As he could act as a master to them and guide them that the fans could see in the upcoming MCU movies in future.

So, till then let’s hope that we get to see the green giant rage monster in the next phase of the stories.

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