What’s new in the Legend of Mana Remaster?

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On February 17 of 2021, Nintendo gave the fans a treat by announcing the remake of ‘Legend of Mana’ which is an enhancement of the Original (1999) game. This game was originally a square role-playing game from the very late 1990s that was released on the original Playstation, now after 20 years it is coming back and not just on one but on multiple platforms. The game has new improvements and features but the classic RPG cannot lose its authenticity so the story remains the same. There are many sequels to this game as well; Adventures of Mana, Secret of Mana and the Trials of Mana. Legend of Mana (1999) started the journey which is continuing in 2021 but the most interesting part is it is not about remaking it is “remastering” which means the originality of the game added on with the graphics of today’s era. The story is the legendary old tale which revolves around an unnamed character who is set on a journey to find the mystical Mana tree seen in a dream.

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Well, there is good news for the people outside Japan as there definitely are some new features here for them which originally were within the hold of Japanese alone. The first thing which is new about this version is the music which is now changed to a brand-new orchestrated music but to keep the original game’s touch users can change the music to old as well. Secondly, a gallery mode is added on to the game which will allow you to look at the original art clips as you listen to the old original music. Thirdly, the original was 4X3 screen but this will be coming out with a new widescreen 16×9 version. Adding on to this, the game will also allow you to turn off the random enemy encounters letting the users to focus on the story of the game as the old users definitely know the pain of getting attacked constantly. Lastly, the users don’t have to worry about losing their progress as there is an autosave feature as well.

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