When asked if he met Millie before the concert, Liam denied.


As we watched Millie and Liam’s love story unfold on Love Island, it wasn’t long before their social media accounts were flooded with comments and questions. But, unfortunately, it became apparent as they scrolled down that the couple may not have met in the Love Island villa in the first place.

As recently as three years ago, both couples went on the same vacation, posting pictures from the same location only a few days apart. Of course, it is a popular destination for young people, but they happened to be there at the same moment is a complete accident.

Earlier this year, Millie uploaded a picture of herself at the O Beach premium beach resort in Ibiza, and Liam did the same. However, Liam claims that Millie wasn’t in the background of Liam’s shot, despite some people’s belief that she was.

Was Millie really in that photo of you in Ibiza three years ago?’ she was asked during a Q&A session on Instagram. It’s not Millie, Liam muttered as he shut it down.

He certainly clarified that. Every prior winner had an original islander in the couple. The couple created history on Love Island by being the first two bombshells ever to win the competition.

However, they had already declared their love for one another and had become exclusive earlier in the show. As quickly as Liam and Millie moved together, it appears that they’re moving even faster now that Liam has said that he plans to move to Essex to remain more close to Millie.

According to him, “I adore where I’m from, but I want to try something different, and Essex seems like a great option.”

I met a few boys who talked about moving in together and relocating to Essex in the villa. That’s something I would consider doing, and I intend to move to Essex.”

There will come a time when Millie and I will be living together. Since about seven or eight weeks, we’ve been living in the villa together.” So we need to be patient and wait for them to stay together and announce the news to us.



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