When Burt Macklin Was Actually a GOOD FBI Agent: Parks and Recreation?


Hi Readers! We all know that Parks and Recreation is one of the funniest sitcoms ever made. Apart from being hilarious, it also features a colorful array of characters and that includes Andy Dwyer’s.

You can watch the trailer of the show here-

Almost all the characters on the show have a “secret” second life from Ben’s obsession with calzones to Ron’s double life as local jazz legend Duke Silver. One of the most famous ones of all is Andy Dwyer’s alternate FBI agent Burt Macklin persona.

Though Andy tries hard to be a good police officer, his dumb (and lovable) personality doesn’t just allow it. He often breaks into this character when there is some mystery to solve and at the end he ends up getting traumatised himself. Like, the time he tried to interrogate unruly teenager Greg Pikitis but ended up emotionally decimated by the wily youth. However, he indeed cracks the crime through.

In season 4 episode “Bus Tour” we saw how a pie was thrown at Leslie Knope. When no one could find the person who threw it, Andy goes all Macklin and ends up solving the crime and figured out it was originally meant for Ben Wyatt, Leslie’s husband (then boyfriend). And it was thrown by sewage Joe, who he (Ben) fired.

Though Andy never became the police he wanted to be, we do see how much of a loyal and honest person he is by the way he tries to help his friends.

What do you think viewers, did you enjoy the interesting ways to reveal the truth or do you find him a good FBI agent f Park and Recreation? Let us know and stay with us for more insights.

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