When is Casualty going to be back?

Source: Digital Spy

Bad fans looking to come up with the next A&E drama later could be deceived because the show won’t be on tonight (July 3). In its regular Saturday night drama, the popular medical drama will not be presented as the continuing adjustments due to the euro.

Casualty and many other shows across the BBC and ITV face severe schedule shake-ups in the summer due to the soccer tournament. So, naturally, the much-anticipated quarter finale will be held tonight, starting at 8 pm at the BBC One, between Ukraine and England.

As we have indicated earlier, the show has preempted this in a few episode contributions throughout the past few weeks, which means we still get the same output throughout the series.

Source: Digital Spy

The accident is due on a tentative basis next weekend (July 10), but official schedules still have to be established. There is a lot of dramatic ED on the way, as Lev is facing some big choices about his future.

With the backing of Faith, Lev would eventually agree to notify the police until his homophobic father comes to Russia that he was the victim of hate crime, and everything changed.

On the other hand, the deceptive behaviour of Tina leaves Rash disturbed and fans of Holby City will have a breath out of its past when Vanessa Lytton (including Leslie Ash) is taken as a patient to the ED. Casualty is airing on BBC One on Saturday night.

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