When will Casualty be back again and why isn’t it on tonight?

Source: Digital Spy

Casualty fans have some more time to expect their weekly ED fix because the show isn’t here tonight (March 20).

Due to France versus Wales, a rugby match between Six Nations, the BBC One medical drama will not be shown in the regular Saturday night slot.

However, fans shouldn’t be so concerned because Casualty is back next weekend in his regular time (March 27).

After spending the night with Dylan, next weekend’s dramatic episode will be showed Faith (Kirsty Mitchell).

While Faith is determined first to follow her illicit new relationship, when her adolescent daughter Natalia has been caught in a horrific accident, she will get back to the truth.

Source: Digital Spy

When it becomes apparent that Natalia had voluntarily revolted because of her parent’s marriage, Faith realises that her children must be given priority. For Dylan, what does that mean?

Otherwise, as she arrives for her ED transfer, Connie still battles with Jacob’s latest romance and treat Tina to unwanted reception.

Undeterred, in her first shift, Tina ends up outstanding to her wrath.

Tina is not fed up with Connie’s approach to her, nor will they find a way to function side by side?

On Saturday, March 27, Casualty will begin on BBC One.

For now, all we fans can do is wait for the team to send more updates on what will be happening and what further actions will they be taking. We can hope for good news and wait for what will they be announcing about our beloved show.



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