When will Lost in Space Season 3 premiere on Netflix?

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There was no doubt in the fact that we would soon get to see Lost in Space Season 3. It was an inevitable thing to happen considering the fact that the audience loved it so much. The creators and writers of the show had already begun working on the script even before the streaming giant confirmed it for yet another installment. Such was the craze for the show.

This level of confidence had been instilled among the creators regarding the show. But now the question arises about the next sequel (Season 3). What shall we expect from this sequel? Will it be the final season of the magnificent series? Yes, it is confirmed to be the final one sadly!

Netflix’s scheduling of the show has been a little bit all over the place. Thus, it’s quite difficult to place a thumb on a certain date of release. Season one of the series premiered sometime in April 2018. This was then followed by Season 2 which aired on December 24, 2019.

The release date of the sequel is not known as of now but we can surely say that the pressure is real. It’s confirmed for a renewal and the show’s special effects team would be certainly looking forward to making a phenomenal comeback with the third installment.

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The shooting did start way back in September 2020 but certain production processes did get delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Thus, keeping that in mind, there’s quite a chance for the series to drop sometime in 2021. It’s highly likely that it can happen anytime towards the end of the year or during the early 2022 period.

No matter whenever it paves the road to the streaming giant, the Robinson family along with parents Maureen and John are bound to return in the next installment.


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