When Will Season Two Of Netflix’s Was It Love Come Out?: All Latest Updates We Know So Far


 Netflix has been introducing a lot of Korean Drama lately. Watching the new culture and their style of making shows is very interesting. There have been many Korean Dramas that are out on Netflix and loved by the audience. Hospital Playlists, Sky castle are some of them. The view rate of Korean dramas is increasing.

Recently, Netflix introduced one more Korean Drama called “Was It, Love“. It is a JTBC original series that came out in July this year.

Why Do People Like “Was It Love” And What Is The Plot?

People are really enjoying Korean dramas these days. Maximum of these are just very entertaining and something you can watch as to just spend some relaxing time.

Was It Love is just one of those shows which can be watched to relax yourself from a tiring day. It is a romance, drama genre which mostly is just interesting to watch.

The main storyline of the show revolves around a single mother, who has struggled and has a strong approach to living. She has been uncommitted for almost fourteen years.

The single mother’s character’s name is Noh Ae-jung and is played by Song Ji-hyo. After being uncommitted for almost more than a  decade her love life is bewildered when there are four men who are interested in her.

How she deals with each of them and what their backstory is shown. Three of the four men who come forward are people who she was friends with and has dated before carrying a child. The show is all about this.

When will season 2 Come out?

Looking at when the first season of the show has released, that is in July this month it is very hard to predict anything about season 2.

The first season consisted of sixteen episodes and the last episode aired just a week ago on 2 September. The fans are already asking about season 2 and this shows how much the audience appreciates and likes to watch Korean Drama.

There have been no announcements or promises about the second season coming out, so we will have to have patience till any official announcement is made.

However, being optimistic never hurts, fans are hoping for a second season as the season one ended with an unfinished love story.

Eager to know more about this, stay connected for every update from Netflix.



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