When will the last episodes of Money Heist season 6 be aired on Netflix after THAT death?


Already, we knew that Netflix was planned to break the last season into two parts – part one is currently accessible to stream, and a second will be released very soon. According to the release plan that started in May, the last batch of Money Heist episodes will be available on Netflix beginning December 3.

A gunfight ensued between Tokyo, Denver (Jaime Lorente) and Manila (Belen Cuesta), who were barricaded in the kitchen of the Bank of Spain. César Gandia, the bank’s bodyguard, was left red-faced by clever use of a hand grenade, alerting Tokyo’s on-and-off love interest Rio to the possibility that his buddies might be in danger. Rio uses the team’s jackhammer to begin drilling through the ceiling to access the room’s floor.

While trying to infiltrate, Sagasta began drilling holes through the walls. A subsequent gunfight ensues, leaving Tokyo and other members of Sagasta’s squad paralysed. Despite her bulletproof vest, she had lost the use of her limbs due to the injuries she sustained.

They had to use cables to lower themselves down numerous storeys to get out of the kitchen, which was the only safe way out. Tokyo could not accomplish this due to her injury, so she convinced Denver and Manila to accompany her. She wanted them to cover the bottom of the drop with soft objects so that she could jump down and join them when they were finished.

Despite Rio’s efforts, she is unable to escape. Even before it could do a lift-jump, Japan’s soldiers attacked the kitchen and began fire on it. In the face of overwhelming odds, she accepted her fate, but not before detonating the grenades strapped to her chest to kill the squad and save her friends.

Amputation of a leg is required for Helsinki, who was stuck behind an obstruction and Stockholm, who self-injected morphine, is also unknown. Rafael (Patrick Criado) appears to have played a significant role in the early half of season five. His father, Berlin (Pedro Alonso), has a sequence of flashbacks that reveal how Rafael was tricked into pulling out an elaborate theft alongside his father. Despite his adamant refusal to follow in his father’s footsteps, many Money Heist fans believe he may end up saving the day in the show’s final season.

Season 5, part 2, will have ten episodes and will air on Netflix. 


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